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The nature around us
This is the Land of the Herons: the perfect place to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and dive into nature.

You can head off on an adventure into the moraine hills, an area famous for its prestigious wines, or the lakes area, including Lago Maggiore and the smaller but just as beautiful Lago d’Orta, or the numerous nature reserves, the largest and most famous of which is the Ticino Valley Nature Park, with its beaches, oxbow lakes, canals and woods.

Or, if you don’t want to venture too far, you can explore the Tower’s surroundings, with all its nature and water. This is the best way to forget about the traffic and smog in the city: just park your car when you arrive and leave it there until you leave. In the meantime, there are bicycles available for you to use on the local cycle paths and trails, as you set off exploring the Land of the Herons. And you don’t have to an Olympic athlete: the surroundings are all flat!