Company Policy
Our mission is to provide our clients with the best product using the excellence at every stage of production. In fact the ways of approaching the cultivation, processing and packaging of our rice are based on the respect for the land and its traditions, combined with those innovations useful for improving and optimizing the crop.

We strongly believe that a product must combine quality at the right price. This philosophy has pushed us to never compromise, always selecting the best raw materials.

Our staff is fully aware of our goals and always informed on the main company strategies. This is because we believe it is central to our success to have a team that is motivated and passionate about their work, as we believe this turns into an important value for our customers.

AnFed Agri invests part of the profits in business expansions, research and development, training and equipment.

The goal of AnFed Agri is to consolidate its position on the market, through a process focused on the following key points:

  • Continuous improvement of quality, to make it more and more consistent with customer needs.
  • To have an adequate level of training, professionalism and availability of internal staff.
  • To the commitment and compliance with applicable legal constraints.
  • The achievement of measurable objectives.
  • To minimize the environmental impact, prevent pollution and fulfill compliance obligations.