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The dining rooms
Located in different points of the structure, our dining rooms have a different capacity and allow you to host the participants of events or business meetings for coffee breaks or lunch.
The spacious "Antico Mulino" building, skilfully renovated, houses the largest dining room in our structure which, being located on the ground floor, allows the participants of an event, gathered on the upper floor, to be able to comfortably access coffee breaks, lunches or aperitifs without having to leave the building. We also have a smaller room to accommodate minor participants who need more reserved hospitality. This room is located in the "Torre" building, adjacent to the "Antico Mulino", and has a beautiful frescoed hall located on the upper floor.

Lunch can be buffet style or served at the table with a set menu and includes appetizer, first course, second course with side dish, dessert, coffee and mineral water (also available free of charge during the meeting), while wine, if requested, will be charged according to consumption. We have a wide choice of menus from which you can choose the one you like best.

In the warm season it is also possible to set up the large portico for lunch, located next to the "Antico Mulino", giving participants moments of relaxation comfortably immersed in nature.